Hello and Welcome!

Woman preparing to skydive standing in front of airplane.
First Skydive
I’m Mia and I have a burning desire to adventure.

Here you will discover great food, fun things to do and places waiting to be explored. There’s also a cool newsletter full of travel news and opportunities that you can subscribe to HERE. I share my travel (mis)adventures and I love creating personalized itineraries.

After the end of parenthood, I took my first solo trip to Paris where I fell in love with traveling. It was in Paris that I discovered myself: what I wanted to do, how I wanted to live and where I wanted to go next. There is nothing like being mistaken for a local when you’re riding the Metro full of Parisians and the woman sitting across from you strikes up a conversation in French about the men lounging in the seats next to us. I didn’t and don’t speak French but I understood the tone of what she was saying.
I drive the forgotten highways, follow the lost treasure maps, and I take the road less traveled. Join me in my journeys where we’ll discover ourselves!