This ergonomic mouse helps keep my carpal tunnel away

Happy Saturday Morning! I’m adding a new section of the blog dedicated to shopping!

Now, I’m not much of a shopper. I actually have stopped buying stuff so I can add those funds to my travel budget. But there are things I have and recommend and I’m going to start sharing them. 

Earlier this year I had a terrible bout of carpal tunnel. It was so bad I couldn’t catch anything I knocked over or down including pencils. My hands were weak and I had constant pain in my elbows and shoulders. After lots of therapy (dry needling hurts like HELL but it works) I am about 90% better. I still have bouts of it but usually because I have overdone something. I get back on the physical therapy train and I’m good again.

My carpal tunnel has required new adaptations and new purchases so I can continue to live, write and travel. One of the first things I had to give up was my old computer mouse. My wrist and elbows were twisting using it so I searched for a replacement.

I purchased an ergonomic mouse that allows me to use it vertically. I noticed an immediate improvement when I used it. My wrist was no longer twisted, my elbow wasn’t splayed out and my shoulder was relaxed.

I tried a wireless mouse but I use a Mac and PC and it was always confused whenever I would switch. This wired mouse works perfectly.

It’s small enough to fit into the corner of my carry on suitcase and doesn’t add much weight to it. It comes with a wrist rest but I seldom have to use it. My best hint for using it is the on/off button underneath. Be sure to turn it off before connecting from your Mac to PC and vice versa.

You can purchase the mouse right here through my Amazon affiliate link. I will probably receive a few pennies if you do.

Do you use an ergonomic mouse? Has it helped you? Let me know.