Logitec Keyboard
Your hands, wrists, and shoulders will love this wireless keyboard

Today I’m sharing another tool that makes life better. My bout with carpal tunnel left me weak and in constant pain. I found an ergonomic mouse that allowed me to use my hand, naturally, while resting it on my desk. Today I’m sharing my wonderful wireless keyboard. Oh, MY! 

I feel like I’m typing on a Barbie keyboard when using my Mac and my fingers hover over the keys instead of resting on them. Does that mean I have big hands? Is that really the problem??

Anyway, the keyboard has a cushioned wrist pad and A FULL SIZED NUMBER PAD ON THE RIGHT SIDE. I LOVE this feature! I worked at a bank a hundred years ago and we used adding machines to check accounting accuracy. I prefer a separate number pad because I’m so familiar with the numbers I don’t have to look at them. The traditional configuration of numbers at the top of the keyboard slows me down. I can fly using the numbers on the right.

This is a FULL-SIZE keyboard, not those “travel”, “micro” or “mini” ones. I don’t travel with it but I use it every day. It comes with a set of triple-A batteries and a wired USB adaptor. It works with my Mac and my PC using the same blue tooth adapter. I can place it in my lap, on my desk or on my head if I wanted to and it would still work perfectly.

I’ve found that my shoulders are relaxed using this keyboard and that seems to remind the rest of my body to relax. Now, the link is attached to my Amazon associates account and I will receive a few cents if you purchase this keyboard.

Do you use a full-size keyboard or are you happy with your current technology?