Red Rocks Park
The rocks almost matched my scarf!

I’m so excited to announce I am a winner of the Liebster Award! This is an online award is given to bloggers by other bloggers! I was nominated by Bisa Myles from Bisa and I met at my fist #TBEX conference in Huntsville, Alabama. We sat next to each other in a session and found out we were #SisterSurvivors. She was two years out and I was almost twenty. Who ever thought breast cancer could lead to great things?? I’ve already privately thanked Bisa for this award and I’m happy to do it publicly:


Bisa is a travel writer and her blog details how travel and photography is part of five year recovery plan. Bisa encourages everyone to get out and do the things you want to do whether or not you’ve received unfavorable health news. She’s visited some amazing places and the images she captures are amazing! Make sure you check out her blog and give her a follow.

The Liebster Award was also created to introduce blogs to readers around the world. So if you’re reading this from Botswana, Denmark or Taiwan thank you! If you’re reading from another country, let me know. I’d love to give you and your country a shout out.

The Liebster Award rules are as follows:

  1. Share ten fun facts about me.
  2. Answer some of the 2018 Liebster Award questions.
  3. Proudly add the Liebster Award image to my blog.
  4. Nominate three to five other bloggers who deserve the Liebster Award.
  5. Notify the winners of their award.
  6. Share this post across all of my social media channels.

Alright, here we go with ten fun facts about me;

  1. I’ve been in love with chocolate since I was a little girl. I’m famous for my chocolate fascination and my mother refers to me at “the chocolate freak.” No worries, that name is completely accurate.
  2. I only visited one country with my first passport. I received my Prague stamp and didn’t travel out of the country for over ten years. I’d love to return soon and see more of the Czech Republic.
  3. I have more running shoes than I do pots and pans. Priorities, darling!
  4. I’m on my second go round of vegetarianism. I read Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle in elementary school and swore off meat. That phase lasted about six years until the summer of my 16th birthday when I woke up one day and just had to have a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Now I’m about 15 years in and am a 99% vegetarian.
  5. There are two adults in my world that I refer to as “the former roommates” because they are no longer children and they are no longer mine. I do not have an empty nest, I’ve had my life returned to me.
  6. I will celebrate my 21st Cancerversory in October of 2018. No one is more surprised at that then I am.
  7. I hate hot weather with a passion and yet I live in the South. (But I have plans to move NORTH!!!)
  8. Paris was always the city of my dreams that I believed I’d never visit until I did so in 2015. It was my first solo adventure and I’ve been on fire since then!
  9. I am (not) a natural blonde.
  10. There was a ghost in my house when I first purchased it. Doors would open, lights would come on and one day a car pulled into the carport, someone came into the house, and walked up the stairs and down the hall. I kept waiting for someone to say something but they never did. When I entered to kitchen to see who had arrived, no one was there. I was in the house alone and there wasn’t a car parked under the carport. 

The natural history museum in Dublin, Ireland
I’m Glad I Was On The Outside Of The Glass!

And here are the questions and answers as a Liebster Award winer:

  1. What is your best travel tip
  2. What is the best memory you have of traveling?
  3. What is your biggest travel accomplishment?
  4. What is a sport you want to learn to do?
  5. How has traveling impacted your life?
  6. What inspires you to travel?
  7. What is the scariest thing you’ve experienced while traveling?
  8. Have you had travel romances?
  9. What are your top the things on our bucket list?
  10. Do you have a travel tradition?