Komen Denver 2018
Denver 2018 Race for the Cure


Happy first day of November, 2018! And guess what? I’m participating in See Jane Write’s annual #BlogLikeCrazy challenge! I get to tell you all about my 21st Cancerversary celebrations.

I set an ambitious goal of running a Race For The Cure every weekend in October. That meant having a few long drives to several of my races but that’s ok. Since October is my Cancerversory month, I make sure I’m visiting some place new and this year it was Denver! Luckily for me, Denver’s race was held September 30 giving me a chance to run five Race for the Cures over five weekends! WHOO HOO!!!

Race for the Cure start Denver 2018
The start of Denver’s 2018 Race for the Cure

It was a chilly and grey morning and I had a great walk. Why a walk? My plantar fasciitis gave me some real grief and I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do any hiking if I ran the 5k. The race was fun, supported by two super heroes, with and an unexpected cloud of marijuanas smoke as we crossed over a bridge. 420 Denver, right??

Mia and her Denver Komen Heroes

I ended the 5K feeling accomplished because 21 years ago I couldn’t have walked half a block. Nor would I have imagined myself in Denver doing it! I’m sending a special thank you to Fox 31 Denver for interviewing me. You can see the footage here:  https://kdvr.com/2018/09/30/supporters-survivors-band-together-to-race-for-the-cure/

So, what did I learn about myself at Denver’s Race for the cure? 

  1. DRINK MORE WATER! Much more water. Denver’s moniker of “Mile High” is no joke. The climate is dry and I ended up being slightly dehydrated during my walk. I didn’t drink any water before the race (BIG MISTAKE) because I didn’t want to be on the search for port-a-pottys. I should have had several big cups of water as soon as I woke and then hit the pottys after I picked up my race bib.
  2. Walk in the survivor parade. I totally missed this honor because I’d put my race bib down somewhere and went to look for it. I never found it and had to get in line to get another. There is nothing like walking with throngs of women who have 40 plus years of survivorship!
  3. Have more fun. I should have stayed longer to participate in some of the after race activities but I’d skipped breakfast and I needed to eat. And drink. Next time I’ll also bring a snack to tide me over.

If you’d like to make a donation to my Denver Race for the Cure, click here.

BOA Race for the Cure, Denver
Race for the Cure, Denver finisher!

Which Race for the Cure did you run this year? Tell me and share your photos!



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