22 Things in 2019
22 Things I’m Grateful For

I feel a certain way about the holiday of Thanksgiving. As a child it was a day away from school and an opportunity to visit local relatives and to eat. Then it became a day off of work and a chance to see out of town relatives and to eat. No its about the Native tribes lost, their lives lost, all of those lies told and the white-washing of history. I accept it as a specific day of the year to practice thankfulness, reflect on my survivorship (22 years!!) and to make a gratitude list. This year I have 22 things to be grateful for.

  • I am grateful for the internet. It allows me to keep in touch with the people I love, explore and plan my adventures, learn new skills and see the universe.
  • I am grateful for Salaiba, my first former roommate. You are amazing and talented. I was happy to visit with you this summer and enjoy your incredible art. Can’t wait to see you next week!
  • I am grateful for Rae, my final former roommate. Remember when I told you you were born to change the world? It’s true! Your transformation is brave and bold and you will always be my baby. SORRY!!
  • I am grateful for my Mom. You have taught me more about self-care than I ever thought I’d learn.
  • I am grateful for Victoria, my best friend. You are one of the two people in the universe that I trust with my heart and soul. You are always on my side, call me out when I’m wrong, and you completely have my back. And I know it’s the same for you. We have never lived more than three hours from each other and this separation has been hard but it leads me to my next gratitude item.
  • I am grateful for airplanes. I love to fly, even though TSA has an unnatural obsession with my little ‘fro and always want to touch it with those dirty gloves. But flying quickly gets me to the people I love and the places I need to be and desire to explore. When can I come to D.C.?
  • I am grateful for my passport. Who knew this poor, little girl from Alabama would take her first solo adventure to Paris, my dream city. Traveling is my revelation and I always need more of it.
  • I am grateful for Sherri. You poked holes in my walls of protection and let your sun in. I’m more open than I ever thought I would be and it has led to meeting interesting people, going to interesting places, and fearlessly facing my future. Also, you are my IT Goddess!!
  • I am grateful for Bisa. Who knew our chat about chemo-hair would revel our sisterhood! How do we have so much in common? I am so lucky to know you, it was meant to be.
  • I am grateful for Glory. You taught me a smile is a fight and a show of solidarity. I am mindful of that when I travel and meet people. See you in Italy!
  • I am grateful for Julia. What would this blog be without you? We need a lake date!
  • I am grateful for my young (don’t tell them how old I am) friends Abby, Joi and Kubu. You teach me how to see and navigate the wold and what is possible.
  • I am grateful for Jackie, you are full of surprises!
  • I am grateful for Amanda and Leslie. Amanda, whenever I drag my lazy ass onto the pavement, you are always willing to run with me. Thank you for that. Leslie, you encourage me to keep going, never quit, and made me promise to run with you one day. I promise I’m returning to the pavement and we will definitely have a run date in Albuquerque.
  • I am grateful for GLOBAL ENTRY that I finally received. It was a long wait for an appointment, an early drive to Atlanta, and an interesting interview. I hope it makes my travel life easier.
  • I am grateful for Tamara. This has been a challenging year, full of revelations that will never be forgotten. 2020 is our vision year!
  • I am grateful that I am healthy enough to run. My knees are good, my heart is healthy, and I have the right inhaler. Running is my therapy, my joyful place, my solicitude. It delivers answers to my unasked questions and unties the Gordian knots of my yearnings.
  • I am grateful for my FODMAP diet. Ok, I’m lying. But, I’m not. I don’t want to be on the diet but it’s a necessary adaptation to control my IBS. So I am grateful for my diagnosis, it explains so many of my health ills I’ve had over the last few years, and I am grateful that I have simple options to control it. My diet is sad, boring, negative, and difficult but I feel GREAT But, damn…. I miss so cheesecake, Publix’s White Mountain bread, pesto, avocados, ice cream, chick peas, mushrooms…. so many foods…..
  • I am grateful for Audrey. Where would I be if I’d turned down your beach date all those years ago? Thank you for your intervention, you always give me wise counsel.
  • I am grateful for Miko. We have an unlikely friendship: you are full of optimism and you and I am wary and suspicious. How do you do that every day, all day long?? I don’t know. But we are yin and yang, baby!
  • I am grateful for Mindy. and how you write things into existence. You teach me how to harness the energy of the Universe.
  • I am grateful to God. I had one big ask in my life and you said yes. Now, about hose other asks…… 

Have you been able to find gratitude today? What are you grateful for?