The Okinawa Collins at Juniper

I visited Juniper on a Tuesday night so I could eat their blueberry crème brûlée. They have a great menu but I was there for dessert and I’d waited months to eat it. It was the first food to go onto my #25List.

I arrived with my friends Tomiko and Joi and I immediately ordered the brûlée before anything else. Emily, our server, returned later to inform me that they were out of it.

What? Why? How???????

Emily went to the kitchen to place the order and saw that there were ZERO available. I was so disappointed and vexed. I wasn’t angry with Emily or the kitchen or anyone else but was frustrated that the tasty prize I’d been waiting for was snatched from my grasp. I decided not to eat anything at all since I only wanted the brûlée but my loving friends reminded me that I needed to celebrate and we should do it with something else from the menu. 

So I ordered the fries and crab cake. The fries come with a spicy aioli sauce that was too much for me but was perfect for Tomiko and Joi. The potatoes were hot with a crisp edge that was almost seared. They were so good I ate mine and some of my companions!! I admit to loving a good French fry and good ones are hard to find. 

The Duck Fries from Juniper

The crab cake was delicious! Full of seafood, large enough to share, perfectly seasoned and crispy on the edge. It came with a side salad that was cool, fresh, and had a slightly citrusy vinaigrette. My table mates ordered the Berbere wings, clearly just cooked, with a spicy drizzle. And we ordered more fries.

The Crab Cake from Juniper

Although I was disappointed in the lack of blueberry crème brûlée, I was delighted with my meal. Juniper, even sans dessert, was a great choice for a celebration. The food is excellent, as are the drinks, and there are indoor and outdoor seating options. You should go to Juniper for a celebration or a great meal. And while I am firmly in the “solo travel and dining” camp, I had so much fun celebrating with two of my friends. I sometimes forget to invite others along with me and I’m getting better about doing that.

The Berbere Wings from Juniper

Have you eaten at Juniper? Or, most importantly, have you had the blueberry crème brûlée??