I knew I had to visit Juniper when I saw this picture of the Blueberry Crème  Brûlée: 

The Blueberry Crème Brûlée at Juniper

Blueberries are probably my favorite fruit (don’t tell Chilton County) and crème brûlée screams “celebration” to me. I saved my visit for October and my 25th Cancerversary. Juniper had sold out on my first visit, but my friend Tomiko made sure it was available on our return visit. We were glad to see Emily-the-expert again and she knew exactly why we were there.

I’d been drooling and anticipating this dessert and I was not disappointed! From the crisp crack of the smoky and hardened sugar to the lush rich blueberry filling, it was perfection at each bite. Have you ever been disappointed with something you’d been desiring, especially food? That didn’t happen with this dish. I usually have to be really careful with dairy products since they can trigger an IBS event, but if the ingredients are high quality (whole milk, no high-fructose corn syrup, no unnecessary crap) I can enjoy it. The brûlée was exceptional, it was more wonderful than I thought it would be, and I would recommend it even if you are dairy sensitive

My blueberry crème brûlée from Juniper

We also ordered the vegan crab cakes, made from hearts of palm, and the spring vegetable plate. The vegan crab cakes were a great approximation of real crab and my vegan friends will love them. The spring vegetable plate was amazing! Scorched broccoli rabe, cauliflower and carrots and then the addition of amazing pickled golden beats with a curry sauce. The curry had just enough heat and the herb crème fraîche was a mild and cool anchor. We also ordered fries and more fries!

I had an opportunity to thank Chef Thyme for creating such a remarkable dessert and to share how long I’d been waiting to try it. He said the dish was his creation and there isn’t another recipe for it. I believe him! Chef Thyme has an infectiously positive energy that’s imbued in his recipes. 

Juniper is located at 3811 Clairmont Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35222 and opens Monday through Saturday at 4:00pm. Check out their site for closing hours and special closing days. 

Giant thanks to Chef Thyme and Emily for the food and recommendations. Juniper has become my go-to restaurant for celebrations and I’m sure to return soon. Check out Juniper and make sure to order the duck fat fries with your blueberry crème brûlée. Tell Chef Thyme Mia sent you and ENJOY!!

Miko and Mia at Juniper