Mia in BHM to OKC

Y’all, I traveled to Oklahoma for my 25th breast Cancerversary celebration! I started celebrating my Cancerersary in 2017 by going somewhere new or experiencing something new each October. I visited Ireland 2017, ran five Komen races back-to-back in 2018 starting in Colorado, took a train ride through the Tennessee mountains in 2019, and then COVID brought everything to a halt.

I’d been thinking about what to do and how to celebrate the big 25 in a safe and adventurous way. I wasn’t ready to travel out of the country and just didn’t feel like any particular place was calling me. That was unusual and I attribute it to my post-COVID-stress. I was open to suggestions and guidance and Rae said I had to see this musical call Hadestown. 

Bundled up in Oklahoma City, OK

I’m extremely particular about singers and songs, influenced by living with excellent musicians for such a long time, and I rarely like musicals. But Rae forced me listen to some of the songs, explained the musical was based on Greek mythology, and I was in. Next was finding a new city to see this new musical and Hadestown could be added to my 25 List. My month was already heavily scheduled but I found an open weekend and I jetted off to OKC!

Hadestown in Oklahoma City, OK

Hadestown intertwines the two tragic love stories of Hades (King of the Underworld) and Persephone (Kidnapped and forced to become Queen of the Underworld) with Orpheus (magical musician) and Eurydice (giver of joy). You can disagree with me about the the tragic nature of their stories but I’m right. 

Hadestown was incredible! Although set during the industrial period of the early 20th century, the lyrics were full of mythological references. The music was folksy with a strong blues undertone and I was immediately captivated. The musical performances were excellent and Why We Build The Wall was my favorite song. Hadestown was funny, full of genius puns (“a lyre and a player too?”), sad, and it filled my heart with hope for the lovers. False hope if you know the stories. I thought about my own experience with Hades 25 years ago during Hadestown’s intermission. Seen by him, desired by him, chased by him, but escaping him. 

Hadestown was only one of the surprisingly wonderful experiences I had in Oklahoma. It was an adventurous weekend, a great decision, and I would love to return. Tune in for more of my adventures.

Have you seen Hadestown? Find out here if it’s coming to a city near you and then BUY YOURSELF A TICKET!