Once Upon A Time A Couple Lived Happily Ever After

I love weddings! I love the celebration, the joy, the outfits, the music, and I’m always interested in hearing the vows. Will there be promises of obedience or assurances of equity? 

I attended a wedding as part of my 25th Cancerversary celebration. I’d been avoiding intimate settings where there might be a chance of catching Covid. I knew I had to figure out how to attend when I saw the “castle” part of the invitation. The wedding was outside with plenty of space between guests. I only took a few photos because I immersed myself in the moment. I didn’t try to document it, I just sat as a witness to their love. 

Unplug and be fully present at the wedding

And as I sat listening to these two people declare their commitment to each other, I realized it actually wasn’t the “castle” part of the invitation. It was the two people I had gotten to know over the years and the fun we’ve had together, the unexpected times we’ve run into each other, and how they’ve invited me into their lives and therefore their future.

So yeah, I went to a wedding in a castle. But I really celebrated living long enough to meet them, watch their love story unfold, and have a seat at their wedding.

Congratulations Janay and Mike. I may not be around for your silver anniversary, so I’m wishing you joy and success into the future! Enjoy your life, enjoy each other, always remember what Han and Leia said to each other: “I love you/ I know.”

Now you may kiss your bride