02262016Gadsden sign

Today I enjoyed a day trip to Gadsden, Alabama. Why Gadsden? Why not. AND I’ve never been there. The weather was chilly and windy, normally perfect for me. But a late night run up lots of hills (WTF Danny?) has my left knee a bit wonky and left me a bit achy. But I bundled up and hit the road because you NEVER turn down a road trip! Plus the sun returned and graced us with its warm presence. Gadsden is in the northwest corner of Alabama, is perched along the Coosa River and is about 90 minutes from Chattanooga.

This was my first visit to the city. I’ve driven through headed to Georgia and Chattanooga but I’m glad I took today to hang out there. My first stop was, of course, Noccalula Falls named after a young Cherokee woman who jumped to her death rather than marry a man she didn’t love. I know it sounds like a small town legend but it’s true. Thank goodness we live in a time where we get to choose who we love and we don’t have to die for love. I can’t imagine choosing to die or marry. WOMEN’S RIGHTS Y’ALL!


Noccalula Falls Park Sign

We’ve had a few days of intense rain and flooding and the park near the falls were soggy but the sound and view of the water encouraged me to trudge through it. It was incredible! The sound of the water rushing over the cliff was thunderous, the mist rising from falls refreshing and there were ducks everywhere. And also duck poop everywhere so watch your step!

02262016 Gadsden 1

02262016 Gadsden 2

02262016 Gadsden 3

02262016 Gadsden 4

The day was so beautiful that I sat in the sun and read for a while. The park wasn’t open but most of it is accessible and is adjacent to an RV park. I took a quick drive through and it was clean and orderly and would be a great weekend get away. Do I know anyone with an RV?




02262016 Gadsden 5

To the left of the falls and across the bridge is the perfect place to capture images of the rainbows. Rainbows in February!! How crazy is that? There are additional water features in Gadsden so stay tuned to learn about more!