Prime Day 2018
Amazon Prime Day






IT’S PRIME DAY!!! Often considered the most wonderful day of the year, Prime day is your chance to grab some killer Amazon deals to support your travel habit. Here’s a list of my top five things to purchase today. NOTE: I am an affiliate with Amazon so any purchase you make through my site will generate a microscopic commission that will not affect your cost or the discount you will receive. If you don’t have an Amazon account, go here and sign up!


Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones
Bose QC 25 Headphones








I discovered the need for noise cancelling headphones on my first propeller plane ride in Ireland. My seat mate was wonderful but the sounds of the propellers was overbearing. You can score these babies for $125.00 today when they are normally $299.00! You can score the Iphone version or Droid version.

Carry On Luggage
Rockland 20″ Carry On








This Rockland 20″ Carry On is made of polycarbornate material making it light and tough. The spinners make it easy to push, pull or guide and the Prime sale of $55.00 (from $119.00) makes it a steal and it should fit in most overhead bins.

LIfeStraw PurificationPen
LifeStraw Water Purifier








If you’re a hiker or plan to visit areas where the water may be a bit iffy, the LifeStraw is for you. It sanitizes up to 1000 gallons of water, ways 1.6 ounces and is on sale for $9.99 from $14.99.

Kindle e-Reader
Black Kindle e-Reader








The Kindle E-reader┬áis on sale today for $49.99, regularly $79.99. This is another great buy and you should load it with everything you think you might want to read or listen to before your flight. It’s possible that your eight hour flight does not include free movies, headphones or music as a friend recently discovered!


Anker charger
Anker Portable Charger









This Anker portable power core can charge phones and e-readers. It is a must by at $30.79, regularly $47.99, and 12.5 ounces and an 18 month warranty! You will never be without power with this charger.

Amazon Prime Day ends today so make your purchases soon!!

What are your top Prime purchases?