Best 9 photographs and adventures of 2017
Best 9 of 2017


This year has flown by and today is the end of 2017 so I’m going to share my best 9 photos and memories. I had a great and revealing year full of travel and meeting new people. It was also a challenging year where I lost my beloved Aunts Mary and Julia and I still grieve for them. Holidays are not the same but we who survive must rise and move forward while carrying their memories and sharing their love.

So, what exactly did I do in 2017? Let’s start at the top:

  1. My sister Jackie and I went to Cleveland, Ohio for our aunt’s funeral. We had an opportunity to serve our family and spend time with them and it was awfully beautiful.
  2. I attended my first TBEX event in Huntsville, Alabama and learned soooo much about travel writing and travelers. The best part of this trip was meeting my sister Bisa of I can’t wait to see you next year!
  3. My favorite Apple child died due to my negligence and I lost my mind and most of my memories. I had family photos that have gone to heaven like my aunts and, sadly, I will never see those photos again although I’m expecting a reunion with my aunts.
  4. First beach trip of the year and Santa Rosa Beach, Florida will always be perfect for me in March. Although I am a total beach babe, I’m only a beach bunny from October through April when the weather is wonderfully cool.
  5. Julia McNair and I journeyed to Lebanon, Tennessee to witness the eclipse. It was MAGNIFICENT and I hope I’m alive to see the next one. I plan to be in Canada in 2024 with a brand new pair of eclipse glasses and a whole big crew of people.
  6. I met my strong man in Dublin, Ireland when I traveled there to celebrate my 20th Cancerversory. It was my first trip to Ireland and I ate some of the best fish and chips I’ve ever had. I was surprised at how good the food was and everyone I met was quite friendly. I look forward to returning.
  7. I was wowed at OWA, a new theme park in Foley, Alabama and that screaming you heard in September was me! I haven’t been on a roller coaster in decades and I had fun and got to travel with my favorite ginger.
  8. Another beach trip this time to Fort Walton, Florida and my first time touring the Harborwalk Village. There was a big Dia de los Muertos party that I want to get an invitation to next year. I spent almost the entire weekend chilling in my lounge chair watching the tide while slathered in sunblock.
  9. I went back to Huntsville, Alabama and spent the day only to realize I need more than a day in Huntsville. I had tastes, bites and the best blue box a chocolate lover could receive. Plus: SPACE CAMP!!!

Thank you readers for sharing my journeys and waiting for me when I took too long to write and post. I wish you a safe and prosperous new year full of adventures. I wish you excellent heath and great friends. I wish you to be surrounded and immersed in love.

Happy New Year Everyone! How will you ring in the new year?