Monday Motivation 11092018

Bham night rails

“There is no “wrong train.” – CrimethInc: Evasion   I’ve had my share of getting on wrong trains. And driving down wrong streets. And sitting in the wrong seat on airplanes. But I believe adventures comes from every action and reaction so I look for the good in these mistakes. I received help each time […]

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Day of the Dead 2018

2018 Day of the Dead Roll Call

Day of the Dead 2018 was held on November 2. It turned out to be a rather chilly Friday night and my first Dia de Los Muertos in a few years. I had either been traveling or had a crazy work schedule the next day that prevented me from attending it. But this time I went […]

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Day of the Dead 2019

Dia de os Muertos altar

This was supposed to be my big Dia de Los Muertos year! I’d been searching for the right dress for years with no luck. It had to be long, black, and ripe for accouterments. I had a vision of my outfit and I planned to bring it to fruition. Then my IBS decided to remind […]

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Self-care Saturday: NOT

Today is supposed to be my Self-care Saturday but it is not. After having traveled the previous month, my house is a wreck. Laundry, dusting and dishes are just a few of my chores. I also have work to do for next Friday’s One Roof junior board event, I return to the Nightingale Clinic tomorrow […]

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