What Is Poutine And Why Is The Cheese Squeaky?

Poutine, the national dish of Quebec

                                I attended my first Women In Travel Summit in Quebec City, Quebec and looked forward to enjoying Canadian food. My only travel experience to Canada had been pretty unpleasant (story for another day) but I had been convinced to […]

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#ChicagoPride 2017, The Great Escape: Part Three

Chicago 2017

After finally arriving at the Courtyard Marriott Downtown/Magnificent Mile, I was ready to crash. I had been up since 4:00AM, on two planes, the Red and Blue lines, in two Ubers, lugging two carry-ons without breakfast, lunch or dinner and delayed by Chicago Pride revelers because I didn’t manage my time correctly. And it turns […]

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#ChicagoPride 2017, The Escape:Part two

Escaping Chicago 2017, Part Two

After running like a failed track star carrying an Olympic power lifter, I’d just missed the final Megabus leaving Chicago, to journey home. My former roommate and I looked at each other and wondered what would happen next. Thanks to Google, we discovered there was a Amtrak and a Greyhound leaving and they were a […]

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#ChicagoPride 2017, The Escape: Part One

2017 Chicago Pride

  This is a three part tale about how Chicago loves me and didn’t want me to leave her in 2017. My plan was to fly out of Cleveland, transfer in Detroit, arrive in Chicago, pick up a rental car and a former roommate and drive back home. Several things went wrong with that plan […]

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