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22 Reasons To Be Thankful

22 Things

I feel a certain way about the holiday of Thanksgiving. As a child it was a day away from school and an opportunity to visit local relatives and to eat. Then it became a day off of work and a chance to see out of town relatives and to eat. No its about the Native […]

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Travel App Spotlight: EatOkra

I probably have waaay too many apps. I am a collector. If someone recommends one, I grab it. If I read about one that might help me, I download it. Some have been crap. Some didn’t get updated. Some lost their tech support. Some just disappeared. I should do an app audit every so often […]

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Secret (artist) love

Penny love

One of my summer adventures, that I can’t really own, were secret messages. Secret in that I never discovered the artist. Every few days a message was left, not just for me, but for the world. But once I saw the the secret love, I waited for the next. It started with love. And that’s […]

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Veterans Day 2019

The American Flag, Veterans Day 2019

Happy Veterans Day 2019! If you’re celebrating in Birmingham, the parade will be around Railroad Park and starts at 1:30 p.m. Be careful of the traffic, the highways are still shut down and people still don’t know how to drive on the streets. If you’re wondering where you can find information and a list of […]

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