$500 Reasons to have Multiple Credit Cards When You Travel

Why you need multiple credit and debit cards.

I freely admit to loving an adventure and, occasionally, living on the foolish side of travel. I’ve gone out of the country with nothing but a few Euros and a debit card. I’ve taken day trips and forgotten my maps, repeatedly left my phone charger, and, once spent an entire night looking for my passport […]

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Chocolate Dessert

I LOVE food. Now, I’m talking about food that makes memories in my DNA. Food that takes me back to my childhood. Food that’s so good I shed a tear. Or twelve. Food that makes my heart stop, for a few seconds.   Food that inhabits my dreams. Food that guides my travels. I travel to […]

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Monday Motivation: BSE

BSE in the shower

Hey Ladies and Gents! It’s Monday morning and for many of us, that means going to a workhouse. Or work. Or a job. Or somewhere you’d rather not be going. That’s probably your regular work schedule. But do you have a wellness schedule? Are you motivated to do something for yourself on an annual, monthly or weekly […]

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Something New for Cancerversary #22: My First Podcast

My First Podcast Interview

Each October I celebrate my Cancerversary by going somewhere new and doing something new I didn’t think I’d live to do. I usually have a plan and execute that plan but I always leave room for the unexpected.  This year I had the pleasure and honor of being interviewed for a podcast! The last time […]

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