Greater Nashville Komen 2018

  Nashville, or more specifically Brentwood, Tennessee was my fifth Komen run. I checked the weather (rain, rain and cold rain) packed a raincoat and change of clothes and was driving on the freeway at 4:00 a.m. I was looking at a sub-3 hour drive but with the rain I felt it might take longer. […]

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NOLA Komen 2018

Komen NOLA sign 2018

  Race for the Cure New Orleans was my fourth Komen race of 2018. I had appointments that lasted until 6:30 the night before so I started driving at 6:32. I’d received a trial of SiriusXM so I tuned to the 80’s and took off blasting Tears for Fears, The Fixx and Prince. The night […]

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Monday Motivation 11092018

Bham night rails

“There is no “wrong train.” – CrimethInc: Evasion   I’ve had my share of getting on wrong trains. And driving down wrong streets. And sitting in the wrong seat on airplanes. But I believe adventures comes from every action and reaction so I look for the good in these mistakes. I received help each time […]

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Day of the Dead 2018

2018 Day of the Dead Roll Call

  Day of the Dead 2018 was held November 2. It turned out to be a rather chilly Friday night and my first Dia de los Muertos in a few years. I had either been traveling or had a crazy next day work schedule that prevented me attending it. But this time I went with […]

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