What to do when life gives you a (Lincoln) Lemon

I’m trying to be great this month. After all, it’s my 21st Cancerversory and I have BIG plans for October! My primary goal is to run a Susan G. Komen 5K each Saturday in October. Today was my Terre Haute, Indiana morning. I’d driven most of the night from Birmingham to arrive on time and […]

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Must Be 21 To Enter!

21 has turned out to be a magical number! In 2017 I randomly sat next to Bisa Myles at a travel conference and complimented her on her cute hair. “It’s my cancer hair” she replied and I said “I used to have cancer hair!” We immediately bonded over our shared survivorship (and still cute hair) […]

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Best 2018 Prime Day Deals For Travelers

Prime Day 2018

          IT’S PRIME DAY!!! Often considered the most wonderful day of the year, Prime day is your chance to grab some killer Amazon deals to support your travel habit. Here’s a list of my top five things to purchase today. NOTE: I am an affiliate with Amazon so any purchase you […]

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World Chocolate Day 2018 Celebration!

chocolate truffle

                                I. Love. Chocolate. I have loved chocolate since I was born. I am the only chocolate lover of my five siblings and one of them actually hates chocolate. Yes, that makes me question if we are really sisters but […]

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