My First Podcast Interview
My First Podcast

Each October I celebrate my Cancerversary by going somewhere new and doing something new I didn’t think I’d live to do. I usually have a plan and execute that plan but I always leave room for the unexpected. 

This year I had the pleasure and honor of being interviewed for a podcast! The last time I did any type of taped interview was for my 2018 Denver Komen. Denver was fun but the weed, yo! It was EVERYWHERE!!

Lauren Gay of the OutdoorsyDiva put out a call looking for breast cancer survivors who love to travel. That had my name written all over it! She sent over some questions, causing me to think about these last 22 years and my motivation to survive.

The Former Roommates
Look at my babies!

If my cancer was my terror, the former roommates were my courage. They were the antithesis of my cancer: hope, love, joy and the promise of a future. I’ve been stubborn and lucky to see them grow, evolve and make the world better, more interesting, and peaceful!

It was my honor to live and be their mom. 

The two Parnell babies
If it wasn’t Olan Mills, it wasn’t official!

And it’s my turn to live for me. So, kick back, grab some chocolate and take a listen to my story

Now, what do YOU need to live?

Pink #22 race bib
22nd Cancerversary!