It’s my Cancerersory!

So, did you guess where I’m going? No? Here’s a hint:


Today I celebrate 20 years of breast cancer survivorship. You could not have convinced me 20 years ago that I would live this long. I had an aggressive form of breast cancer and I was considered “too young” to have it at all. I am grateful that I listened ┬áto my gut and insisted on getting that suspicious lump checked out and after lots of life’s twists and turns, here I am ready to celebrate in Ireland.

So join me and watch me and celebrate with me! This month I am doing things I didn’t think I’d live to do and I’m starting with this trip to Ireland. I’ll also celebrate the lives of friends I’ve lost, encourage sisters and bothers in the thick of the fight and thank everyone who helped me get here today.

To those of you in the midst of chemo or radiation or preparing for surgery: I know. I’ve been there. This may be the hardest thing you’ve done and it may be the easiest. Everyone’s journey is different but I am on YOUR side. I believe in your choices and support them. Listen to that inner voice that is speaking to you and be a peace in your decisions. The chemo, anti-emetics and surgical techniques are vastly improved since my treatment and I hope you are receiving the best care possible. I am sending you love and light so: