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Happiness is You

As the girl had said, it really was a very satisfactory match. William West was a man whom every one honored, and many loved. For fifteen years he had been settled in Mercer; first as an assistant to old Mr. Brown, and then as rector of the church. But he had taken his place in […]

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Mrs. Paul was so annoyed that she ended the story of Mr. West s career very briefly. Professor Wilson offered either to start him in business or put him through college; he chose to go to college. That was rather fine, Miss Townsend agreed. Fine? It just showed what sort of a man he was! […]

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The old Tabbies might find something better to talk about, he said, his face hardening. Oh, Amy, thats the kind of thing that makes a man cringe! I mean a minister. Here is this great, serious, strenuous matter of living the consciousness of God; thats what living is in its highest expression. And to further […]

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