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Sky is the Limit

He remembered how inescapable the torment of his regret had been. There would be periods of forgetfulness, when he was plunged into work, and life, because it was service, seemed good and sweet; then, at some word, or the look of the sky, or the smell of a flower the evil spirit of recollection would […]

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Visiting Europe

With a sigh of relief he shut the door, and walked once or twice about the room, as though trying to shake off other people s affairs; then he bit off the end of a cigar, struck a match, and sat down. He put his hands deep into[27] his pockets, and stretched his feet straight […]

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How to make new Friends

As the girl had said, it really was a very satisfactory match. William West was a man whom every one honored, and many loved. For fifteen years he had been settled in Mercer; first as an assistant to old Mr. Brown, and then as rector of the church. But he had taken his place in […]

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Driving a Beetle

E most delightful thing about our engagement is that everybody is so pleased with it. Amy Townsend said this, smiling down at her lover, who, full length on the grass beside her, leaned on his elbow, watching her soft hair blowing across her forehead, and the color of the sun flickering through the shadows, hot […]

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