Pinktober 2017 In Ireland
Seafield, Bantry, Co. Cork, Ireland

So, its been a month since my last post when I was in the beautiful land of Ireland celebrating Pinktober 2017 and my 20th Cancerversory. And Ireland was just lovely. My intention was to post the new thing I did every day BUT I didn’t anticipate two things. First, the Irish can DRINK and I do not. Except, apparently, in Ireland. I drank a whole lot. Secondly, I drank a whole lot, went out every night, returned late (or early….) and put that on repeat when I returned home.


I developed a severe and lingering case of laryngitis, a really bad cough and exhaustion. A visit to the doc in the box and a suggestion to slow down, take the medicine and go to sleep was not what I wanted to hear. But it was what my (traitor!) body needed. So, I didn’t have a daily adventure in October but I have the adventure of time which is precious and limited. I have beaten so many odds and I’m lucky to be alive. I can’t limit my 20th Cancerversory to one month so I’m going to celebrate all year! WHOOHOO!! This month I’ll be joining some friends to write every day and you’ll read about some of my drunken adventures (or maybe not), new foods, new friends and some Irish hits and misses. Did I tell you Ireland is beautiful? It IS!!!! Search for the hashtag #BlogLikeCrazy and you’ll also have a chance to read the words of some incredible women who are also taking this month to write each day. I’ll be introducing some of my writing idols this month so look out for them.

I wish good health to all of the survivors reading this. I hope October was a milestone for you. I believe in you and cheer for you and hope your Pinktober 2017 was everything you wanted it to be. One day breast cancer will be a thing of the past and the treatment and cure will be easy peasy. We’ll keep fighting until then.

Did you have a Pinktober adventure? Tell me about it and let me celebrate you!