Escaping Chicago Pride weekend 2017, Part Two
Planes, Trains, No Rental Cars and two Megabuses: How to escape Chicago during Pride Weekend Part Two.

After running like a failed track star carrying an Olympic power lifter, I’d just missed the final Megabus leaving Chicago, to journey home. My former roommate and I looked at each other and wondered what would happen next. Thanks to Google, we discovered there was a Amtrak and a Greyhound leaving and they were a block away. AND at the same station! Goodbye Chicago Pride adventure!

We arrived at the station and tried to use the credit card kiosk to make our purchases but it wasn’t working. Right…….. So we hopped in line to speak with an agent to make a direct purchase.

BUT it was Pride weekend and there were no busses available.

No problem, Amtrak to the rescue!

Nope, because it was Pride weekend.They were booked. I was really counting on Amtrak because I can sleep and ride comfortably on it. But not this time.

Now roomie and I stood looking at each other AGAIN and wondered if we could get a hotel for the night and try to leave in the morning. I began to laugh at everything we had gone through and my brain was not functioning well because I was tired and hungry. I knew everything would be fine and we would eventually find a place to sleep. Eventually.

BUT it was Pride weekend and there were few rooms available and NONE near the train station.

Luckily for us, our secret agent man helped us get a room and I ordered my second Uber of the day to deliver us to the Courtyard Marriott Downtown/Magnificent Mile because I was DONE running and walking. I am usually unconcerned about my sleeping arrangements as long as it is bug and insect-free, is air conditioned and I have my own bathroom but that day was an exception and the luxurious room we had was fantastic! The elevator whisked us to the 14th floor and we entered a cold, clean room where we could drop off our luggage and have a little rest. Thank you Marriott and I look forward to returning to Chicago and staying with you again. If any readers are visiting Chicago, give them a call

What’s next? Dinner, right? 

No, another attempt at a Megabus reservation.