Chicago Prde 2017
Planes, Trains, No Rental Cars and two Megabuses: How to escape Chicago during Pride Weekend Part Three

After finally arriving at the Courtyard Marriott Downtown/Magnificent Mile, I was ready to crash. I had been up since 4:00AM, on two planes, the Red and Blue lines, in two Ubers, lugging two carry-ons without breakfast, lunch or dinner and delayed by Chicago Pride revelers because I didn’t manage my time correctly. And it turns out, I was hungrier than I was tired. 

But I really HAD to leave Chicago the next day so the first thing we did was BUY ANOTHER MEGABUS TICKET. Note: there are NO refunds for a missed Megabus. We booked the first bus leaving the next morning and set ALL of the alarms so we wouldn’t miss it. 

After a quick walk to pick up an order of Chipotle, we headed back to the hotel to eat, shower and sleep. My plans to go out and explore the city quickly vanished after I fell asleep on the hotel room sofa. I actually missed the season two premier of Preacher (but season 3 premiers TONIGHT!)

I was up early the next morning and, although Chicago obviously loves me, she HAD to let me go. I ordered another Uber (BIG SHOUT OUT TO BENITA Q819937_1 who made sure we arrived early for the Megabus) and we FINALLY boarded the bus. With lots of Pride weekend partiers who, maybe, didn’t have an opportunity to sleep and shower and bathe the night before. 

We were finally on our way home.

So, what did I learn?

  1. Read the fine print of the car rental agreement contract. And get a friend to read it for you and to you if you’re deep in the grip of grief or other emotions, 
  2. You don’t have time to socialize when there is a travel deadline. FaceTime your old and new friends once you get on the bus.
  3. Replace the exercise you love (but can’t do) with the exercise you CAN do. I should have been biking, swimming or doing more yoga and I became really weak and slow without exercising.
  4. The Megabus waits for no man and no woman. Seriously, be on time or you will get left behind.
  5. I like to have a travel plan B in my back pocket but sometimes EVERYTHING falls apart. Everything. That’s life, learn from it and don’t let it defeat you. I laughed at everything that happened because I asked for an adventurous life and I didn’t get arrested, die or come home pregnant.
  6. I LOVE solo travel but it was wonderful to share this adventure with my final former roommate and we will talk about this Chicago trip/disaster/adventure for years.
  7. And finally, relax. The world will not end when you miss your bus and train and flight. Appreciate and observe what’s happening and learn from it.

Have you had a trip that went North, South, East and West when it was supposed to go straight? Tell me about it! I enjoy hearing other stories of adventures that went awry. Because surely, I cannot be the only traveler to