2018 Day of the Dead Roll Call
Roll Call for Day of the Dead 2018


Day of the Dead 2018 was held November 2. It turned out to be a rather chilly Friday night and my first Dia de los Muertos in a few years. I had either been traveling or had a crazy next day work schedule that prevented me attending it. But this time I went with my girl Sherri and we had a beautiful time.


Public altar
2018 Day of the Dead public altar


Each altar is such a personal testament that some require careful observation to fully understand the person. You might find jewelry, beer, photos of pets, food and musical albums. Some of my favorite altars are the community ones where everyone is invited to take part. This year Letters To Heaven gave participants the opportunity to write to their deceased loved ones. I love that the handle is up signaling the mail is ready to be picked up and delivered. I have a list of people I’d write letters to.


Letters To Heaven 2018
2018 Letters To Heaven Altar

The White Buffalo was created to usher in a time of peace and harmony. Each day there is a new story of shootings, stabbings and murders so maybe peace will at least descend on Birmingham.


Day of the Dead White Buffalo
2018 Day of the Dead White Buffalo

The common theme among all of the altars is the skeleton. Humans may have variety in our outward appearance but death will come to each of us and we will all look the same.

Did you attend Day of the Dead? Did you create an altar?

Day of the Dead 2018 skeleton
Day of the Dead 2018