Now that we are six days into to 2016, I’m thinking about the definition of “Travel” and how it applies to me. I used to think travel meant getting in the car and going somewhere new. That was the easiest and cheapest form of travel . Or taking a train or bus or flight to a new place. But I have a new understanding of travel which involves discovery.

I’ve developed a keener eye when I gaze at things. I notice curls in trees, patterns in clouds and hues of flowers. I’ve slowed my pace and I’m paying closer to attention to my surroundings. I can travel to the same place and have a unique experience with each arrival because I’m discovering something new.

My 2015 travel resolution was to take a trip every month. I expected to travel out of the country three times last year but two of my trips completely fell apart. Utterly and completely! At first I considered those months to be “travel failures” and I was disappointed. But, I managed to take a few day trips and a long weekend and thus, I met my 2015 resolution!

This year I have the same resolution but with a caveat: Any journey can be considered “travel” IF I discover something new.

On New Year’s Eve I discovered my relationship with my best friend was as strong as ever and would continue to deepen, ripen and become sweater each year. The next morning, I went for a run in her neighborhood and came across a new sight: a pond in the middle of a subdivision! It was a perfect ending to the year.

What will you discover during your 2016 travels?

01062016 MiaA