Virginia B. Faribanks Art & Nature Park
Finding Serenity at the Virginia B. Farirbanks Art & Nature Park

I love taking a trip. Or adventure. Or excursion. Or any name you want to give it!

I love the planning, organizing and the anticipation of having a new experience. I’ve even grown to appreciate packing for it, although I seldom do it until the night before. 

But things start to feel surreal when I have back-to-back travel for multiple weeks and I have to work my day job. That schedule promises sleep deprivation. The joy I have reverts to stress and I never want to have stress attached to travel. I have to find serenity to keep my joy.

My best coping mechanism is nature! I need to feel the wind against my skin, hear birds and insects, see flowers. But the thing that sets my mind right immediately is WATER! Being near it, smelling it and seeing it!

I took a trip to Indianapolis last summer to reconnect, and disconnect, and it was wonderful. My best morning was my final one: lying in bed way past 4:00 a.m. while listening to a train hurtle by and knowing I would see a body of water soon. 

The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park is an oasis in Indianapolis. My early morning visit was divine: cool, quiet and imbued with peace. My former roommate and I walked trails while listening to each other and each other’s silence. We sat and watched the water and wondered at the cloudy sky reflected. 

I felt my mind settle, and my spirit calmed. I could have remained for hours or days, but, alas, had to return home. But I returned home with a visual and physical reminder of that peaceful morning. If I can’t always be near the water, I can look at this image and meditate towards it.

Do you have a method for finding serenity in the midst of your busy life? Please, share it with me. I am always looking for new paths.