Fish lunch at the Gleaneagle Hotel,, Killarney, Ireland
The Fish Dish at the Gleaneagle Hotel, Killarney, Ireland


I went to Ireland expecting to have meals of boiled, steamed and fried potatoes, boiled cabbage and corned beef and lots of fish and chips. I was instead surprised and delighted at Killarney’s culinary scene! I had this fish dish as my first lunch at the Gleaneagle Hotel and it was incredible. The fish was encased in a cream sauce and surrounded in what looked to be shredded wheat. The fish and wheat lay on a tomato reduction sauce with smoked oysters and a beloved Irish delight that I couldn’t wrap my palate around: mushy peas.

I have a dislike/hate relationship with green peas developed from the first time I had canned peas boiled to death. They don’t seem to have a particular flavor and the fact that they burst in my mouth upon biting them is disgusting. And why “cook” them for thirty minutes if they’re already cooked and canned?? Mushy peas appear to be canned peas that are mashed, then served which makes me team “no.” But the fish was firm, well seasoned and I honestly could have eaten another serving!

Have you visited Killarney and eaten lunch at the Gleneagle Hotel? Do you have suggestions for me on getting past my persnickety pea passion? Tell me and help me. I want to travel to new places and enjoy the food. But peas……