Five Places I Missed Visiting In Killarney, Ireland
Five Places I Missed Visiting In Killarney, Ireland

It’s Sunday and over a month since I returned from Killarney, Ireland. And I wish I were there. Still there enjoying the cool winds and foggy mornings, waiting for the sun to shine and planning where to eat my next meal of fish and chips! But, alas, I’m not there so I’m pining for the places I didn’t get to try. I simply ran out of time and should have spent more days in Killarney. Here are the five places I want to visit when I return to Killarney.

  1. MOOvie Ice Cream Bar. I don’t know if this place is open or not but the combination of movie theater and ice cream shop is a win to me. I know most people enjoy ice cream in the summer but man, I LOVE to eat ice cream in the winter. I love the chill it gives me and that it lasts longer which allows me to savor it. I’d match my ice cream flavor to the movie I watched. For example, I’d have chocolate with whipped cream, almonds and fudge sauce if I were watching James Bond. I’d have chocolate with chocolate candy if it was a romance. And I’d have a triple chocolate cone if if were horror because more chocolate makes me stronger. So, yeah, chocolate is really my theme.
  2. Aunty Nellie’s Sweet Shop. I would specifically buy ALL of Katie’s Chocolate bars. Katie’s Chocolates are made in nearby Cork and come in a slew of flavors and occasions. There is the congratulations bar which is milk chocolate and gluten free. The lavender white chocolate bar would be a gift to someone I know and the fruit and milk chocolate bar would be a shared treat.
  3. Revive Cafe. I walked past this spot every day and every day I said “I’m going to come and eat their traditional Irish breakfast.” My hangovers could only tolerate dry toast so I didn’t get to enjoy their traditional Irish breakfast.
  4. Noel’s Retro Cafe. Is this not the cutest sign? The food just HAS to be good if the sign looks this great. This was another place I walked past and I thought I might get breakfast on my last day in Killarney but I left before they opened.
  5. The Ring of Kerry. Missing the Ring of Kerry was my greatest regret. I didn’t pack ANY hiking clothes and I could NOT drive on the left side of those tiny curvy roads but buses and cabs were available and I could have made it happen with more time. Experiencing the Ring would also have allowed me to see more of Ireland’s countryside and sea coasts and eat more fish and chips and enjoy more ice cream.

Choices, choices. Sometimes they’re the right ones and sometimes they’re the regret ones. But we travel and we learn and we make new choices. Do you have a list of places you missed? Tell me about it.