London was FANTASTIC! I enjoyed so many wonderful meals and adventures but I didn’t get to do everything on my list. So many things to see, so little time… So here is a list of five things I’ll do when (not IF) I return.

  1. The Tower of London – This is at the very TOP of my list since I can’t tour Big Ben and the House of Parliament. Anne Boleyn, Thomas Cromwell, Queen Elizabeth I, and the Princes were all guests there and I’d love to hear how the tour guide explains their imprisonment and the historical significance.
  2. The Eye – I’ll ride it this time, grab some fabulous shots of London and enjoy the slow rotation of the ride.
  3. Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral – I’d like to attend services as well as see the spectacular interiors.
  4. Museum of London – I want to learn more about Medieval London and take the walking tours
  5. Natural History Museum – I didn’t spend enough time here on my first visit and I want to enjoy the After Hours events.


I’ll also eat at least one proper British breakfast, enjoy tea time, find an acceptable fish and chips place and run in more gardens. And my bonus trip will be to Stonehenge! It’s a short ride from London and I’m fascinated by it. I’ll make sure I plan my trip so I can access the Stone Circle and get up close and personal.

So these are my top five things to do plus a bonus! Of course when I return I want to eat at new places, eat more paella (I have not found a restaurant that makes a comparable paella), visit local markets and see more shows.

Are you planning a trip to London? What’s on your To-See-And-Do lists?