Friday Night Football
Why Am I At A Football Game When I Don’t Watch Sports?


I don’t do sports, especially football. I didn’t grow up in a sports fanatic household but my parents religiously watched the Dodgers. I was a fan of Thurman Munson of the Yankees (don’t tell Mom) because he was a fantastic player. I silently cheered for him each time the Yankees played the Dodgers and was always amazed at his athleticism and dedication.

My grandmother was a fan of Kareem-Abdul Jabbar (she knew his family and watched him grow up when he was Lew Alcindor) and watching the Lakers play basketball was a requirement during my visits. So I became a Lakers watcher, not a fan, through her.

Keeping up with players, teams, rules, plays and all the other sports stuff when I didn’t have a “team” was tiresome for me and I soon fell off the sports wagon. I do a great job with the Olympics: one team every two years.

My niece is playing the trumpet in her first year of high school and I’d promised to come and hear her play. But I also told her I would only stay through half time and so ladies and gentlemen, I lived long enough to attend a high school football game. It was interesting to hear the gentlemen sitting above me discuss in detail the player’s stats, where they might go to college, if they had a chance in the professional league and which team. They evolved into unemployed referees and complained about the decisions the actual referees made and the injustices towards their team. I referred to them as the “B Team Howard Cosells” and their running dialogue only ended when the first part of the game was over and the band formed to march.

Enjoy the band and go Tigers!

Also, I don’t know who won but my niece was awesome! Now, this is usually where I ask you to tell me or share about your experience but I don’t care about sports. Instead, let me encourage you to do something you’ve never done before and tell me about THAT (even if it is sports-related.)