Nashville Komen bib
Komen Nashville race bib


Nashville, or more specifically Brentwood, Tennessee was my fifth Komen run. I checked the weather (rain, rain and cold rain) packed a raincoat and change of clothes and was driving on the freeway at 4:00 a.m. I was looking at a sub-3 hour drive but with the rain I felt it might take longer. I needed to pick up my packet at 7:00 a.m. and I allowed more time since I was unfamiliar with my destination. I don’t love to drive over bridges but the bridge over the Tennessee river was easy, even with the fog and rain. I’ve repeatedly driven I65 south to visit relatives so I could probably close my eyes (yeah, that really will never happen) and drive it

I arrived at the venue, parked and started looking for the packet pick up and survivors tent. I was immediately enveloped in live country music which surprised me but shouldn’t have. This was Nashville Komen after all but I think I was expecting religious music. I grabbed my packet, bib and an empty travel bag for my Komen goodies I was going to collect.


Komen Nashville starting sign
Rain won’t stop Nashville’s 2018 Race for the Cure


Greater Nashville Komen had a pretty good selection of vendors and volunteers who braved the rain for us. But I’m going to point out the volunteers at the photo area where the picture below was taken. The way it worked was you gave one lady your goodie bag, chose some props and lady number two took your cellphone and took your photo. Then your bag and phone were returned to you. But this is what happened to me: I gave lady number one my goodie filled pink bag, grabbed my crown, passed my cellphone, kept my camera bag, had my photo taken, put the prop down and walked away from the table. When I realized I didn’t have my pink goodie bag I immediately returned and asked lady number one to give it to me. She replied “Someone must have taken it. I don’t see it.” What……? So I said, “You were responsible for my bag and yes, I stepped away from the table, but you were supposed to keep it and return it to me.” She replied ” Well, I don’t know were it is, sorry.” Uh, no lady number one. What if my keys had been in that bag? Or medications that I needed to take? Or my driver’s license with cash and cards? Lady number one’s cavalier attitude was unacceptable and she refused to own her mistake. Luckily for me I had nothing personal in that bag.

I returned to packet pick up in the drizzle and was given another bag after explaining mine was stolen because lady number one was lazy and not doing her ONE JOB OF THE DAY and I proceeded to replace my original goodies. Nashville Komen, your volunteers need more training. I could have dismissed this incident if lady number one had been a kid or teen but she was fully an adult. But an IRRESPONSIBLE adult.


Komen Queen in Nashville
Queen for a Komen Nashville Day


The rain slacked up and the sky became a bit brighter just in time for the race. The course was divided in the middle with runners on the left (as it should be) with a head start and walkers on the right. I walked this Komen also so I could experience it and enjoy my final Komen of the year. It was another miraculous day to be a survivor and to walk with other survivors. The race ended as the rain returned and I was grateful that I didn’t get a sunburn!


21 year survivor
Nashville Komen even in the rain


Nashville Komen taught me a great lesson in personal responsibility. I will NEVER let a stranger (even an official volunteer) hold anything that belongs to me. Lady number one should have immediately given my bag to me when I finished the photo shoot. I accept full responsibility for walking away and leaving it but shouldn’t she have had it in her hands while waiting for me to finish? It was still a great, rainy, memorable day.

Have you had a Nashville race? Which one was it?