Hey there 2016 and Welcome New Followers! This is my first post on my new site so thank you for sharing it. You are invited to come along with me and my adventures this year.

So, how did I start 2016? With a trip of course! I rang in the year in Atlanta with my BFF. We quietly celebrated the with laughter, food and joy. This was quite different from 2015 when I danced the new year in with a fractured tibia!

One of the things I love most about traveling is the journey. The destination is certainly important but I often learn more about myself trying to get to my end point. I sometimes travel to the same destination throughout the year and it’s marvelous to see how the seasons change the landscape, if the grass is brown because of a drought or if lakes are high due to flooding. I call it my TravelADD and I compare the mental images I make. I also have some travel traditions for a few destinations and a New Year’s Eve in Atlanta requires a stop at Chick-fil-A for fries and an Icedream. Do you have a travel tradition? Share it with me!

Chick-fil-A 12312015