Concord grapes in Denver
Fresh Concord grapes ready for the juicer!


I checked into my Airbnb on my second day in Denver and was greeted by Rondi, my wonderful host. Rondi’s home was beautiful, pristinely clean and she had a lush garden. I’m always surprised when I see vegetables growing well outside of the South. The most surprising sight were the vines of Concord grapes growing over her fence. I haven’t had grapes from a vine since I was a little girl in my grandparent’s back yard. The grapes were sweet and plump even with the thick skins. I thought they’d be delicious as juice and Rondi pressed some for us. If you’ve never had grape juice from immediately picked grapes you are missing one of the greatest joys in life. It was delicious!


Red Rocks
Red Rocks Park


Rondi had read my interest in running and hiking and suggested a visit to Red Rocks, about 20 minutes West of Denver. What a great idea! Red Rocks Park has several trails that are great for novice hikers and those that are unaccustomed to high elevations like me. We took an easy route, as dusk was approaching, and the views were stunning. The rocks are made of red sandstone giving them their color and the park is full of wildlife.


Sandstone in Red Rock Park, Colorado

We walked along.a path and saw deer crossing ahead of us. They seemed to be unafraid of people and we walked closer to get a better look. Rondi identified them as mule deer due to their long ears.


Mule deer in Colorado
Mule deer in Red Rocks Park, Colorado


Night time at Red Rocks Park
Night falls on Red Rocks Park


Rondi and I carefully returned to the car and slowly began to drive back to Denver. I didn’t have a chance to return to do more hiking or hear a concert. It’s at the top of my list when I return to Denver.


Red Rocks in the background
Look at the mountains behind me!


Have you visited Red Rocks Park or the amphitheater? Was it in the winter because there are concerts scheduled throughout the year. How did you stay warm?