What am I thankful for in 2017?
People I’m Thankful For This Year


It’s Thanksgiving 2017 and this is supposed to be my annual easy list of things I’m thankful for. But an early phone call this morning upended my plan and made me really consider thankfulness and love. So the words below are what’s on my heart and you’ll know who you are when you read about my love for you:

I’m thankful that you can call me early in the morning and know that I will show up wherever and however you need me to serve you.

I’m thankful that you support my super crazy frightening life plan. You cheer me on and give me great advice and guidance and we WILL get to Ireland together one day!

I’m thankful that we drive your car when we travel because my clunker won’t make it but you still let me choose the music. #Prince4Ever!

I’m thankful for our Thursday night catch-up phone calls and the sound of your laughter.

I’m thankful for early morning biscuits with bacon and avocado.

I’m thankful for a running t-shirt that turned into a long-running friendship and you will NEVER revoke my card!

I’m thankful for co-managment of our special person as best we can. I never would have thought our relationship would deepen and flourish as it has and it is a beautiful thing. Plus I get to see the junior wild women grow up thanks to you!

I’m thankful that you are my one and one “W” and you constantly teach me about love, forgiveness and joy.

I’m thankful for your survivorship and your inner strength. You are brave and marvelous and thriving and I look forward to stalking your next island adventure. Let’s travel together!

I’m thankful for your business guidance and how you look for opportunities to support me. There would be no “MiaAdventura” without you!

I’m thankful for the vision you have for your life and how you manifested it and how you teach me to do the same.

I’m thankful for your beautiful family and how I’ve learned to love you all.

I’m thankful that I get to see you leap full-time into your business next month! Remember I’m on YOUR side!

You are an ever-evolving rock star who gifted me with new daughters, sisters and a brother. I’m thankful that I get to see where you next shine!

Thank you for believing in me, supporting me and being my sister from another mister. Our friendship will last another thousand years and there is nothing we can’t do together. Plus, I’m saving Scotland for you!

Thanks Mom. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and you get a special shout-out.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’m lucky to have another year with you and I’m honored that we are friends.