Jones Soda

I was preparing for a road trip and packed this trio of Jones Sodas to try. I’d seen them but I’m not much of a soda person unless it’s a Mexican Coke to comfort my gut during an IBS event or the extremely rare Grapico goodness. 

I added them to my #25List because they looked fun and colorful. Here’s my take on them:

  1. The berry lemonade was a surprise. I would have passed on it if I’d read the “lemonade” part of the description because I usually prefer lemonade as a stand-alone flavor. The combination was a miss for me because I wanted it to be a blueberry soda and clearly it was not. 
  2. The orange and cream soda was also a miss for me. It was too strong with too much “orange” flavor and yes, I know it’s orange soda.
  3. The green apple was delicious. It reminded me of green apple Now & Later and Laffy Taffy candy and tasted crisp and clean. I think I enjoyed it most because it was a single flavor. I would absolutely treat myself to another.

One thing I appreciate about Jones Soda is their use of cane sugar and not high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener. HFCS is an IBS trigger for me and would have made my trip painful, embarrassing, and may have trapped me in the bathroom for the weekend. I couldn’t have that happening! And even though two of the flavors were misses for me, you should give them a try. 

I see they also offer a single flavor grape soda and I HAVE to try that one! I wonder if it’s similar to my beloved Grapico???

Have you tried Jones Soda? What are your favorite?