Headed into Trowbridge’s for their famous pineapple and orange ice cream

North Alabama was a weekend destination for my 25th breast Cancerversary and I had a few places I wanted to visit. Enjoying Trowbridge’s orange and pineapple ice cream was on my list. I was a bit concerned with the timing of when I’d eat it since dairy is on my naughty IBS food list. But I’ve discovered that if the dairy is high quality (no artificial crap or high fructose corn syrup) I can safely enjoy it.

Trowbridge’s orange and pineapple ice cream

Trowbridge’s ice cream is just that. According to owner Pam Trowbridge, the dish was created by her grandparents. It’s a delightful combination with bits of orange infused pineapple throughout it and a light texture. It was a perfect pick-me-up between my museum tours and before dinner. I actually enjoyed it on my first day in the Shoals area and ordered it up again as I headed back home.

Trowbridge’s also sells sandwiches, hot dogs, and I’ve heard they make some mean sodas. They’re located at 316 N Court St, Florence, AL 35630 and are open Monday through Saturday from 9:00AM to 5:30PM. 

Trowbridge’s menu

Special thanks to Pam for her suggestions and recommendations on my North Alabama Cancerversary trip!! Make sure Trowbridge’s is on your list when you visit North Alabama.

Have YOU had Trowbridge’s famous orange and pineapple ice cream? Or did you try some other dishes on their menu?



About to dive into the orange and pineapple ice cream from Trowbridge’s