Bunyan’s Bar-B-Q in Forence, Alabama

Bunyan’s Bar-B-Q was not on my #25List but the wonderful thing about the way I travel is I always leave room for adventure. I make sure there is time in my schedule to get lost and take wrong turns that turn right. Bunyan’s was unexpected and delicious.

I arrived shortly after they opened and was greeted by friendly smiles. I placed an order for a rib plate plus green beans to go and my hot food arrived quickly. There is indoor dining and outdoor dining available.

Inside Bunyan’s Bar-B-Q

I’d gotten lost trying to find the Wilson Dam Waterfall and my morning was quickly disappearing. So I hopped into my car planning to eat my food as I traveled South to visit the Jesse Owens Museum.

The ribs were tender with a slight char and almost fell off the bones. They were easy to eat while driving and I was smart enough to cover myself in paper towels in case I dropped one.

Rib Plate

The green beans were flavorful, baked beans sweet with a hint of spice, and the potato salad was creamy with a bite of pickle. The slaw was a recommendation from Pam Trowbridge and it was too much heat for my sensitive stomach. But I know several people who would love it!

Bunyan’s is located at 901 West College Street, Florence, AL 35630. They’re open Monday through Saturday at 10:00 and their closing hours and menu can be found here. I’ve already added them to my #MustVisit list when I return to North Alabama.

Have you had Bunyan’s Bar-B-Q?