Official NOLA Guide

Now that we’ve arrived in The Big Easy, where shall we go?

For beignets and coffee, most people make a bee-line for Café Du Monde on Decatur Street. You’ll find that it is full of tourists, extremely crowded and there will be a looong wait. Yes, their beignets are good and so is the coffee, but we’re having new adventures in NOLA. So, we’re going to Café Beignet on Bourbon Street instead. I am not a “sweet-food-in-the-morning kind of girl but I make exceptions in NOLA. Café Beignet has a full breakfast menu so you have additional options if you need a more filling breakfast. They also offer sandwiches and are open until midnight.

So where am I going for lunch? VooDoo BBQ! Why am I eating at a BBQ joint? Because I love their BBQ shrimp and the menu has enough diversity for all of my travel buddies. And those buddies say their BBQ is pretty awesome.

And dinner is a short trolley car away at Hoshun Restaurant on St. Charles Ave. Asian food is always my go-to whenever I travel because I can always find something to eat.

These are three spots that I personally recommend because I’ve eaten there and would eat there again. But I’m making a list of the places I want to try when I return so stay tuned for my next post!