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I have a list of new things to do on my return to NOLA. I love that you can return to a city year after year and find new adventures! Below are the places I’m curious about:

A food tour with Taste of Nawlins. Although I don’t cook, I love to eat and the thought of a food tour is delectable. I enjoy watching people who enjoy cooking and creating food and this tour sounds great.

A swamp tour IN THE WINTER (IN THE WINTER!!). There is no way I would do this if the weather is hot and humid.

Scooter and/or electric car rental. Having easy access to transportation allows you to do more exploring and since parking is a BEAR in NOLA, a scooter would be easier to manage.

Early morning runs throughout the city. Running often allows for an intimate view of the city and the chance for new visual discoveries. AND it helps me get to know the city better and improves my mental mapping,

Cemetery tours. I’l be camera ready and I hope to have experiences to write about later. I want to leave NOLA with at least one ghost story.

Visiting The Backstreet Cultural Museum and getting to know more about NOLA’s history.

Visiting the African American Museum which I try to do in every city I visit.

Are you planning a trip to NOLA soon? If so, Tell me what you’re looking forward to seeing.