Killarney Brewing Company
Killarney Brewing Company

I don’t drink and If you’ve been reading about my fantastic time in Ireland, you’ll see that I fell hard off the wagon while I was there. Killarney Brewing Company was the scene of my fall when I joined their pub crawl arranged by TBEXIreland. Beer plus pizza had not been my idea of a good meal and then I visited Killarney Brewing Company.

Mia at KBC
Mia at Killarney Brewing Company, Ireland

Beer education plus pizza is delicious and I learned beer is made from hops, barley, yeast and water. The water in Ireland is especially wonderful due to the Gulf Breeze blowing across the country bringing almost continuous rain. The color of the beer is based on how long the barley is roasted.

Beer 101
Killarney Beer Education Class

The beers I tried were all blondes (fitting don’t you think!!), were light tasting and there wasn’t much foam. They were pleasing to my uneducated palate and I drank several (ok, multiple) glasses.

Killarney Beer Company Samples
Samples from the Killarney Beer Company

The pizzas was equally delicious and I would have photos but the pies disappeared in hungry mouths and stomachs as quickly as they were made. You’ll have to visit their site to see more images or better yet, visit the pub! And let me know if you visit and what you think of the beer and pizzas. Cheers!