Last minute gifts for dad
Last Minute Gifts For Traveling Dads






Did you buy a gift for the traveling dads in your life from last week’s list? No problem if you didn’t, I’ve got you covered! Today’s list is just for you last minute shoppers and I promise you won’t be disappointed. But make these purchases NOW so you can enjoy tomorrow.

  1. REI Gift Card – REI has something for all of the adventure dads. Do you want to gift him with boots, belts or briefs? He can use a gift card for all of those. REI also offers classes and outings if your dad is more of a doer than a buyer.
  2. Amtrak – I only recently learned you can take a train from New York to San Francisco in a mere six days! This trip can be extended to 15 days and dad gets to hop on and off in three cities and take a tour Rocky Mountain National Park.
  3. Europe Rail Pass – If dad is a rail lover in America, he’ll adore this European rail pass. He can chose one or multiples of 28 countries plus the Swiss travel system.
  4. Big Bus Tour – I took a Big Bus Tour when I visited Paris and it was an excellent and efficient way of getting around during a busy weekend. I recommend this if Dad is short on time during his vacation.
  5. Viking Cruise Line – I have only been on one cruise and that was a Carnival July scorcher to Mexico. I will NEVER take a summer cruise again. Dad can choose his locations and time of year when you purchase a Viking Cruise gift certificate.
  6. Uber or Lyft –  Traveling requires transportation and sometimes Uber or Lyft is your best bet. Give Dad a ride to and from airports, hotels, sporting events, bars and all the secret places he doesn’t want you to know about.
  7. Starbucks – Dad may not be a coffee or tea drinker but let me tell you, their wifi has saved me on many occasions! Starbucks also offers food (vegetation options are available) and it is, sadly, often the only food option a travel arrives to their location at all hours.
  8. Hotels – Give dad a place to stay during his adventure. He can chose from hotels, hostels and resorts all over the world!
  9. Southwest – Southwest is my favorite domestic airline. Sure, you get peanuts and a half a cup of soda but I’ve never had a delayed flight and the only flight I missed was completely my fault. Tell dad to pack those two bags and take off!
  10. Allianze – Travel insurance is a MUST for dad. I have taken a few trips without it and luckily nothing went wrong but with today’s delays, cancellations and lost luggage insurance is necessary.

So, pull out your credit cards out and make one or more purchases for dad. And don’t forget to pick up a greeting card. Happy Father’s Day!