Do I really look like Oprah?
First Time I Was Mistaken For A Star In Front Of The Dublin Castle.

Dublin was fun and surprising in many ways. I discovered the Dublin Castle was in the city and I set off to see it. I had an “open” schedule in Dublin meaning I wandered around and meandered during my time there. That’s one of my favorite things to do: explore without an agenda.

I arrived pretty late to the Dublin Castle and of course, it was too late to enter and take the tour. So, I took some photos outside and visited the adjacent park. There was a building across the street from it and I tried to enter it to get higher and get a better view but it too was closed. But there were two ladies leaving the building and I asked it they would take my photo with the castle in the background.

OK, I know I’m from the South and I know I have an accent. I also know I have blonde hair, and no entourage. I don’t travel with security personnel and the paparazzi aren’t staking me. This is why I thought it was so funny when one of the ladies said “You look just like Oprah!”

Then she took my photo while I laughed at what she said. I asked her why she thought I looked like Oprah and she kept saying that I just did and I was so pretty. So Oprah, it is unlikely that you are reading my blog but please know you have a fan club in Dublin and they think you’re really pretty!

Have you been mistaken for a super star? Do you think you look like that person? Tell me about it!