Love the people God gave you
Love The People God Gave You…


There are so many people that I miss this holiday and it seems cruel that more are taken away. I know everyone who lives will eventually die. BUT, my question is always “Why now?” and there is seldom an answer that satisfies me. I don’t want the people I love to die.

So, what am I to do? Love them while I can.

Love the ones who are difficult. Love the ones who are easy. Love the ones who are near. Love the ones on the other side of the world. Love the ones who share my blood. Love the ones who are my blood by choice. Love the ones who brighten my day. Love the ones who bring the night.

But more importantly: LOVE MIA FIRST! Not in a a selfish and narcissistic way but in a genuine, kind and forgiving manner. And that applies to you. Love YOURSELF first! Stop beating yourself up over irrelevant events. Stop comparing your life to anyone else’s. Find the things that bring you joy and do those things. Read the books on your list and listen to that new music you wanted to hear. Take yourself on a date, maybe dinner and a movie. Don’t be afraid to go alone and guess what: no one is watching you. Live your life in confidence and then go do stuff. And buy stuff if you really must.

Because one day I will be called and so will you.