“There is no “wrong train.”

– CrimethInc: Evasion

Bham night rails
Night Rails Bham, Al


I’ve had my share of getting on wrong trains. And driving down wrong streets. And sitting in the wrong seat on airplanes. But I believe adventures comes from every action and reaction so I look for the good in these mistakes.

I received help each time I hopped on the wrong train. People were nice, explained where I’d gone wrong (I kept thinking I was headed West but I was actually headed East) and gave me a map that pointed me in the right direction. 

I’ve taken thousands of wrong turns, most recently in New Orleans down a one way street on a foggy morning. I corrected my course so I wouldn’t kill anyone, but on my next wrong turn I decided to enjoy the ride instead of frantically looking for the right road. I saw gardens full of lovely flowers that I would have missed if I’d been on the correct street. 

The last time I sat in the wrong seat on the plane, the true occupant offered to take my seat so I wouldn’t have to move! How generous is that in today’s travel world? I moved, it was his seat after all, but I plan to be just as generous when someone is sitting in MY seat.

So, maybe there really is no “wrong train” if you accept travel mistakes as part of your travel adventure. The wrong train may allow you to meet the right people!

Have you been on the wrong train, plane or automobile? Please share your adventures with me!