Moonpie Meet Up Crew
Photo by Sonya Lee Young

As much as I love a solo adventure, a trip with the crew is pretty awesome. When a friend bemoaned her lack of coconut flavored MoonPies, I knew I had to step in and create an itinerary for her. Thus, the MoonPie Meetup!

Chattanooga is a short and easy drive from Birmingham and Mother Nature provided a perfect day. The skies were blue and the temperature stayed in the 50s, ideal weather for layering and walking around like a tourist.

Our first stop on the road was in a little town to get gas and coffee. In addition to anti-freeze, potato chips and Monster drinks, the Jet-Pep in Steele has a line of clothing in the back of the store. Notice the distinct preference for houndstooth patterns. Do you think this is a “team” statement?

Clothes shopping in Steele, Al
One Stop Fashion and Gas!

We arrived in Chattanooga an hour or so later and made a bee line for the MoonPie General Store

The Chattanooga, TN MoonPie Store
MoonPie General Store, Chattanooga, TN

This was my first visit to a MoonPie establishment and I was surprised at the variety of items. There were the things you expected, like MoonPie milkshakes made to order, but there was MoonPie coffee ready to be purchased and enjoyed at home

MoonPie Flavored Coffee
MoonPie Coffee

Candy sticks that are secretly candy cigarettes (Who remembers those?)

Candy Cigarrettes
Photo by Sonya L. Young









And, “Out, damned spot!” foaming soap!

Shakespeare Foam Soap
Photo by Sonya L. Young









I began to understand the “general” portion of the name as I continued to roam throughout the store. There were unexpected delights on each aisle and something to please everyone in our party and probably yours. As it turns out, the MoonPie store sells much, much more than MoonPies and it is the place to shop if you’re looking for unique gifts for the interesting people in your life.

For my Doctor Who obsessed friends, I would buy the sticky notes that “Add another dimension to your memos.” and allow them to “Remind yourself in the past present and future.” I don’t know what that means since I don’t watch the show but it seems to be important. Also, “Tardis.” For my struggling student friends, I’d pick up the Exam Passer Voodoo doll. I’ll bet you didn’t think you would find a taste of New Orleans in Chattanooga! I wonder if this is especially popular during exams week?

Exam Passer Voodoo Doll
Image by Sonya L. Young









I’d pick up the entire set of Golden Girls Pop Vinyl Television figurines for a certain someone who watches the reruns every day and dreams of retiring to the beach.

Golden Girls Bobble Head Dolls
Photo by Sonya L. Young






And the saved-the-best-for-last news for my bacon-loving friends: there is an entire section of bacon flavored items. You can have your fill of bacon candy, bacon toothpicks, bacon ketchup, bacon mints (which seems counterintuitive) and baconnaise. Maybe this is the “too much of a good thing” I’ve heard about. But take note: that will never apply to chocolate. If bacon-flavored food is not your jam (see what I did there!!), you can leave the store with calorie-free gifts. There is a large assortment of coasters to remind you of your favorite places, food regrets and potential vacations.

Roadtrip coasters
Photo by Sonya Lee Young







I left the store with coconut and strawberry flavored mini MoonPies, a hand full of baby Chick-O-Sticks and a step back into time. The MoonPie General Store is located at 429 Broad Street and their phone number is 423-877-0592. Parking can be challenging but there are pay to park lots near the store and some street parking. It’s a great place to begin your exploration of Chattanooga and is pretty centrally located downtown. If  you’re making spring break or summer vacation plans, put the MoonPie store on your list!