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Happy November 1, 2019! Who else is counting down this decade? Can you imagine we only have two more months of 2019? Does anyone else feel like time isn’t slipping away but running away? 

November is usually a slow travel month for me after an awesome October celebrating my Cancerversary. But as a member of  See Jane Write, November is also when I Blog Like Crazy so I may not be on the road, but I’m still pretty busy. Blog Like Crazy is when I blog and post a new piece every day. 

I love the idea of Blog Like Crazy but I swear something always happens to interrupt or interfere with my plans. Former roommates come home, illness and injuries happen, cars break down, etc.

But this month is set! I have a great calendar of things to share with you, and more importantly, I will continue to publish the NAO each Friday. So you’ll get a Friday two-for! WHOOHOO!!

I also suggest you search for the #BlogLikeCrazy hashtag which will introduce you to new writers. You’ll find travel writers, food writers, spiritual writers and more. 

Today I’m introducing the New Adventure Opps newsletter to all of my new readers. The NAO is your opportunity to win free travel and, sometimes, free travel-related items. The NAO is sent each Friday and you can subscribe here

Here’s a sample of this week’s travel opportunities:

  1. I am not really a cruiser. My last cruise was good but I am not the “all you can eat and drink 24 hours a day” kinda traveler. But I might give cruises a chance if I won this luxury cruise with its own terrace. Imagine the sunrises!

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