The book of Kells sign at Trinity College
There’s The Sign But Where’s The Book?


It was my last day in Dublin and I was determined to have a great time even though I was exhausted. So what did I do? Get up at dawn and go for a run while getting kinda lost. I quietly left my marvelous Airbnb and ventured into the neighborhood. Raymond, my SUPER Airbnb host, suggested I run along the sea wall and I eventually found it.

Run-in in North Inner City, Dublin
Running EARLY In The Morning In Dublin, North Inner City


It was windy, damp and a little chilly but I got it in! And I constantly stopped to look at things which turned my should-have-been-quick-and-easy four miles into an hour and a half adventure. But, check out the street art:


Street Art Bee Facing The Wall
Did Banksy Visit Dublin Or Is The Bee In Time Out?


I made it to North Docklands and did get a chance to run along the sea wall and the Tolka River. There were lots of birds, debris and it was not what I was expecting. But Dublin, and Ireland, were surprising.


Nice To See You Sign In Dublin
Nice To See You In Dublin At The Tolka River


Not that I needed a break, but I sat and enjoyed the view of the Tolka RIver.


Looking at the Tolka River in Dublin, Ireland
Sitting And Enjoying The View Of The Tolka River In Dublin, Ireland


The sky was grey and cloudy, but still, I was in Ireland! Here’s a view of the Tolka River.


The Tolka River, Dublin, Ireland
The Tolka River, Dublin, Ireland


I returned, took a shower and walked into the city and down my (new) favorite street. Charles Stewart Parnell was a famous Irish Leader. Now, am I really related to him? Maybe!


Charles Parnell Street In Dublin, Ireland
My Street!


Then I visited the National Gallery and enjoyed a variety of artists.


Jesus and a crowd
Jesus Looks The Same All Over Europe


My art at Marsh's library
Check out the art I created at Marsh’s Library.


I visited Marsh’s Library, one of the oldest in Ireland. Marsh’s is attached to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral which I couldn’t enter due to the long line of people and late day. Marsh’s is full of rare books, book cages (to prevent thievery) and when you visit ask a librarian to share the tale of the holes in the walls and books.


The natural history museum in Dublin, Ireland
I’m Glad I Was On The Outside Of The Glass!


I visited the National Museum of Ireland and thought I’d see some of the famous Viking boats. But I met some big scary animals because I was in the Natural History Museum and I SHOULD have gone to the Archeology Museum. Lesson: KNOW where you’re going before you get there since the National Museum has four sections.


Fish and chips with salad
My Final Fish And Chips Meal


It was getting dark, I was starving and everything was closing. I totally missed the Book Of Kells because I didn’t get there in time (story of my Dublin life) and it was time to eat and head back to my lodging to prepare for an early morning flight. I walked back to Parnell Street and decided to have my final fish and chips meal at Kingfisher Restaurant. It was another superb meal!


Brownie with the works
Dark Chocolate Brownie With Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce and Fresh Whipped Cream!


I got to share my dessert with two lovely travelers from Canada (Hey Marsha!) and I ended the evening the way I began my trip: surprised at Ireland and her beauty. I had a wonderful adventure in Ireland and really need to return to do more exploring. The people were delightfully friendly, the food seriously delicious and there is music everywhere you go. Thank you Ireland for allowing me to explore you as I celebrated my 20th Cancerversory. You deserve an encore!

OK readers, do you have any advice as to where I should go when I return? Tell me!