One Roof Junior Board presents Sights & Stories
Sights & Stories 2018

When I’m not trying to see, do and eat everything in the world, I am trying to do what I can to make my hometown a better place. For years I’ve volunteered at the Nightingale clinic which provides healthcare to people experiencing homelessness, are underinsured or uninsured. Three years ago I began volunteering for One Roof, an organization whose mission is to end homelessness in Central Alabama. I joined the Junior Board so I could better understand the needs of our clients at the Nightingale Clinic and point them towards an organization that could help them obtain housing.

Tomorrow the Junior Board will present Sights & Stories at the Abbey in the Avondale neighborhood. It is our primary fundraiser for the year and all funds are used to improve the lives of our clients. We were fortunate to partner with photographer Ronnie Mosley who took the remarkable portraits of some our neighbors experiencing homelessness. Ronnie’s portraits will be hanging throughout the Abbey and we will have photo books for sale. There will also be food and drinks for sale and the Abbey will share a portion of the sales with One Roof.

I’m inviting you to join me tomorrow night and learn more about how the Junior Board of One Roof is trying to end homelessness. And if you feel led to, you can complete and application for membership!

Traveling feeds my soul. I am always thinking of my next adventure and planning (if only in my head!) my next trip. I try to do good things and be a good traveler during my journeys. This means I also need to do good when I am at home and I have found ways to do so. I encourage you to find your non-profit passion and run with it! If it’s food scarcity, find a food bank. If it’s animals, find a shelter. If it’s a disease, find the organization searching for a cure. Find a way to volunteer and use your skills and gifts to make our world better. If you can’t attend our event and would like to contribute a gift click here. We appreciate and welcome ALL donations.

How do you do good things for the world as a traveler?