Runkeeper in Killarney, Ireland
Runkeeper, Killarney, Ireland


One thing I plan to do on every trip I take is to go for a run. Running in Killarney was challenging because of my schedule, my drinking and the fact that I’m an early runner. I rise at 4:00 AM to beat the southern heat and to not have a stroke. When I mentioned my plan to run early to the hostel staff, they looked confused and asked “why?” Not “why” as in why are you running but “why” as in why are you running at 4:00 AM. You see, NO ONE runs that early in the morning. But I needed to get that run in and had prepared the night before by not drinking any alcohol. Non.

I explained my Southern rationale and again received a strange look. Then a suggestion to run at 8:0 AM like a normal Irish person. Too late, I responded. 7:00 AM, they asked? Still too late for my schedule. I finally took off around 5:45 AM in the utter pitch black of Killarney. I passed by St. Mary’s Cathedral, and she seemed to give me her blessing and approval.

St. Mary's Cathedral in Killarney, Ireland
St. Mary’s Cathedral in Killarney, Ireland


I begin to hear a strange nose and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. I kept running and heard it again. It sounded like something from a Stephen King movie. I stopped running but it started again. Was I going to experience some type of supernatural death in Killarney? The only way to find out was to meet the sound. I was able to pinpoint the location of the noise and it was coming from a creek. It turns out it was a crane which seemed to also be confused as to why I was out so early.

Creek Crane in Killarney, Ireland
Crane in a creek in Killarney, Ireland

I finished my little run after several stops and starts and was happy that I could document it on Runkeeper. Also, I did’t die in Killarney which was a great thing! Have you run against the advice of a local? Tell me about it! I have, several times and will again!